School-based training

School-based Initial Teacher Training (ITT)


Schools that make up the Wandsworth Primary Schools’ Consortium are selected on the basis of the high quality, inclusive education which they offer their pupils. Trainees are guaranteed a placement in two schools in addition to making visits and participating in school based training during the taught course.

Schools work with the SCITT team to develop the course to meet the changing needs of children and families in the borough. Whilst we also benefit from out partnership with Kingston University, consortium school staff enahnce the quality of our programme by supporting in a range of capacities:

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Consortium schools are spread across the borough (the largest in inner-London) enabling trainees to grasp the diversity of the borough and how each school's unique context shapes their provision.

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How are placements arranged?

The characteristics of the schools are as varied as their locations and trainees are carefully placed as far as possible according to the stengths and experience of both parties.

We place each trainee very carefully taking into account:

- any relevant previous experience
- parental/carer responsibilities
- prior connection with a school e.g. as a teaching assistant or former parent
- ongoing connection with a school e.g. as a parent or governor
- experience and personalities of the mentors available


School experience

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Recruitment opportunities in consortium schools

Qualification and employment rates for SCITT graduates repeatedly exceed national benchmarks.

A large proportion of teachers who qualify through SCITT are recruited into local schools. However, the flexibility of the programme means that  candidates are free to seek the job opportunities that are right for them. While some training routes tie trainees to a particular school following the programme, SCITT does not. Our goal is to equip trainees with the experiences which will put them in a strong position when job-seeking; well-informed, self-aware, knowledgeable about the local needs and confident to convey their strengths at interview.