Interview Process

How to apply for a place on our PGCE

Interviews take place between November and June and run between 9am and 12noon or 12.30pm and 3.30pm.

Successful candidates will be sent details of the interview process to ensure they are well-prepared.

The Interview Day

Interviews take place at our training suite at Alderbrook Primary School to ensure candidates have an opportunity to see the facilities and meet the team.

From September 2017 training will be relocated to St Mary's Primary School. A display and relevant information about the new premises will be availbale to you on the interview day. 

During the first phase of the interview process you will undertake the following;

  • a reading activity
  • a group discussion
  • a English and Maths test
  • a formal interview
  • a reflective professional questionnaire

The interview panel includes the Course Director, headteachers from our consortium schools, and link tutors.

The session will enbale us to find out more about you, but will also enable you to find out more about us.

The School-Based Interview Task

Candidates successful following the formal interview, and on completion of the tasks and tests, will be invited to undertake a school-based interview task.

What is the School-Based Interview Task (SBIT)?

The SBIT enables the interview panel to ascertain your suitability for working within a school environment.

It also gives you the opportunity to spend time in a consortium school and to make an informed decision about training with us.

When does it take place?

The interview cycle is ongoing through the year. Consortium schools provide SBIT sessions regularly throughout this period. Those invited to a SBIT will either go on the same day as the formal interview, or at the next available session (max 2 weeks from the formal interview date).

What does it involve?

You will be invited to spend half a day in a local consortium school working in class with an experienced teacher. During the session you will expected to offer general support which will help you to familiarise yourself with the teacher and the class.

During the session you will also be asked to carry out a simple, short activity such as reading a story, playing a game or sharing interesting materials with a small group of pupils. The activity will be planned for you by the class teacher. The session will last for approximately 15minutes, and will be with a group of no more than 8 children. The class teacher will observe your interactions with the children and make notes for the interview panel.

Our candidates come from a range of work and study backgrounds. Not all will have significant experience with children at this stage of their career. What we are looking for during the SBIT is that you demonstrate the following;

  • Professional interactions with other adults in the class,
  • Positive, respectful interactions with the children, and
  • Initiative